It is almost the end of Hibernation Day, but the family of possums isn't celebrating. You've got to fix the conflicts and little problems before fireworks start!

Dowloadable version has prettier sky (clouds like on the screenshots) and runs smoother, so choose it over browser version if possible

Hibernation Day is a fun little story game with lively characters and interesting family dynamics.
Originally, the game was created for Cozy Winter Jam in three days, but then we worked on it for a whole month to finish it and make a submission for Winter Visual Novel Jam

Developer and game designer:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Animals, Christmas, Comedy, Cute, Funny, Godot, Narrative, Singleplayer


HibernationDay.dmg 70 MB

Development log


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This was a great journey and experience. 10/10


So charming!


Happy hibernation day!

It was short and sweet and featured my favorite animals of all time!


absolute cutest game!




very cute and wholesome game! lovee the character's individuality


Very nice! Great work!


i had to play this game i just had to and i loved it. it was so sweet :)


I just now saw that you gave the game an ending 😭 did you make all the art yourself? Honestly was a very wholesome game! Really enjoyed the art style and message :) Will play it again to see the end HAHA


Thank you! Art is made by my gf

The art is super cool! Thanks for all the love on the video dude! Can't wait to check out the end :))

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The game was already great without the finale, but now its even better! 10/10 great job!


So great!

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This was fun to play! Can't wait for the finale

The finale is out!


this one s AMAZING! I actually quite enjoyed it
comfy vibes all around

PS dont forget to come back to ur lil bro ^^